Dr Ma Research Group




Group Year-End Lunch, 12/20/2023

Group BBQ at Westlake Park, 05/13/2023

Steve Lan's PhD defense, 03/24/2023

Yanpei Song's PhD defense, 03/23/2023

Group Year-End Party, 12/16/2022

Xueying Ge's PhD defense, 11/1/2022

Group BBQ at North Lakes Park, 05/21/2022

Junyu Ren's PhD defense, 03/23/2022

2021 Fall Semester-end Group Lunch, 12/10/2021

Visit of President and Provost to our newly renovated Welch Chemistry Lab, 12/01/2021

Xiaoliang Wang's PhD defense, 10/26/2021

Group BBQ at Westlake Park, 08/22/2021

Going away lunch for Qi Sun, Yanming Zhao and Xiaorui Li, 10/03/2019

Briana Aguila's graduation party, 08/03/2019

Briana Aguila's PhD defense, 05/23/2019

Going away lunch for Linxiao Hou, 02/15/2019

Group party in Dr. Ma's house, 12/02/2018

Going away lunch for Xun Wang, Boxuan Yu and Yi Chen, 09/25/2018

Going away lunch for Jason Perman, 07/13/2018

Chavis Stackhouse's graduation party, 05/26/2018

Chavis Stackhouse's PhD defense, 04/06/2018

The celebration of Kia’s graduation and Zach's birthday in Dr. Ma's house, 12/8/2017

Kia Williams's PhD defense, 11/10/2017

Going away lunch for Jie Sun, 03/08/2017

Going away lunch for Wenyang Gao, 01/31/2017

BBQ at Fort De Soto Park, 10/29/2016

Wenyang Gao's PhD defense, 10/28/2016

Dr. Ma, Jason, and Wenyang attending MOF2016 in Long Beach, Sep. 11-15, 2016

Going away lunch for Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Yuchuan Cheng and Chen-Yen Tsai, 03/26/2016

Thanksgiving party in Dr. Ma's house, 11/26/2015

Going away lunch for Dr. Wendy Liu, 10/31/2015

BBQ at Fort De Soto Park, 08/2015

Going away lunch for Dr. Baiyan Li & Dr. Yiming Zhang, 07/2015

2015 FAME, 05/2015